Is It A Waste Of Money To Bid On Keywords Where You Are Not In The Top Spots?

Question : When doing SEM with Google Ads or others, do you think it’s a waste of money to bid for anything lower than the top few spots in sponsored search?

Helpisland Answer: On the Pay Per Click side of Search Engine Marketing you never need to pay more then the minimum allowed by the search engine. So basically 5 or 10 cents is the most you ever pay per click. This method requires a lot more work and “skill” if you will because you have to come up with longtail keyword combinations, typos, and misspellings.

As far as placement goes really I do not put that much into it. I have found that I get more clicks being 1,2,3 then bad for 4,5,6,7 but ok for 8,9,10 spots. I think this stems from the same explanation as SEO that people either click on the first results or scroll to the bottom and find something that catches there eye.

I think the most important thing is your CTR (click through ratio). There are tricks you should know to increase this that really have something to do with even your ad copy. If you can create your text ad like this:

>>>Google Search<<<

A good search engine

Try google adsense

Notice “>>>” and “<<<” before and after your site’s name. That is a nice eye tracking trick that for me increased clicks by about 50% in Google Adworks. Discovering this for me was a HUGE THING because more clicks means a higher quality score which moves you up for more exposure which means you get more clicks.

Of course I just use “>>> and <<<” as a example, you can replace them use any other symbols, like $$$, ^^^, *** or %%%. I am sure this trick will help you increase your CTR.

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