How do you look after your bones?

How do you look after your bones? Is one of the most important questions you can ask yourself!

Bone is living tissue; it is made and replenished every day. The peak age for bone mass is 20 years old. If your bone density is high at this age it will give you a greater protection of Osteoporosis in later life. As you age you will need to maintain your bone density and slow any loss with diet and exercises.

Developing healthy eating and getting adequate exercise early in life will ensure that your bone mass is maintained longer. Supplements of multivitamins, fresh juice of vegetables and fruits in season, eating plenty of fruit and vegetables and include fish, nuts and dairy products such as yogurt, buttermilk, and goat’s milk.

Osteoporosis means brittle bones. It is when calcium is leached from the bones without any symptoms. Many people do not know that they have Osteoporosis until a fall or other accident causes a broken bone or bones. This accident would not result in any broken bones in younger people.

Osteoporosis can be very restrictive for the body. The figures show that 50% of women and 33% of men get broken bones due to falls or accidents. Men need to build strong bones as well, early in life. Women who take oestrogen before menopause will limit the loss of calcium from their bones. In both men and women the aging process will see a reduction of calcium. Therefore, the bones will become thinner with the possibility of Osteoporosis occurring when the bones become brittle.

What Are Some Of The Risk Factors?


Cigarette smoking

Inadequate calcium intake

Alcohol-more than two standard drinks a day

Physical inactivity


Vitamin D deficiency

Increasing age

Prolong absence of menstrual periods

Menopause before the age of 45

Family history

How to Strengthen Your Bones:

*Get sunlight as this provides the body with vitamin D

*Eat fish, egg yolks, yogurt, canned fish and nuts

*Do 30 minutes of exercise per day

*Include strength training

*Stop Smoking

*Limit caffeine and alcohol

By following an exercise plan and eating correctly you can slow down Osteoporosis as you age. It is most important to start this diet and exercise program early in life as this will strengthen and prolong the onset of thinning of the bones as much as possible. So looking after your bones will be taken care of.

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