A New Way To Chat With Friends: Paltalk Video Chat

Paltalk: Our Flagship Product

Paltalk, downloadable software, gives you the most functionality and flexability. Paltalk can be minimized on your computer to run in the background and only alert you when you have a message.

Paltalk gives you:
Access to thousands of video chat rooms
SuperIM: free video calls with up to 10 people
SuperIM URL: free, customizable URL where friends and family can reach you directly from their browser
Access to all your chat buddies:
Our community of over 4 million members. Meet friendly people in your area or people around the world with similar interests.

Paltalk Express – Paltalk from your browser, perfect for Macs!

Paltalk Express is a great alternative for Mac users and anyone behind a firewall. Paltalk Express offers almost all the same features as Paltalk (access to all Paltalk’s video chat rooms and SuperIM), but room owners and admins will want to download Paltalk for enhanced room moderation tools.

Paltalk Mobile

Paltalk Mobile lets you keep in touch with your Paltalk pals while you’re on the go. IIM with your Pals, send pictures and more.
Check out Paltalk for Blackberry and iPhone. Android coming soon.

Tools for your site or blog

Video Chat Widget
Place the Paltalk Video Chat Widget on your site or favorite social network (Facebook, Twitter, Del.icio.us, Stumbleupon, Digg, etc.) and give visitors a window into your chat room. Widget viewers can watch and listen to the room and join the conversation seamlessly.

Embeddable room
Perfect for those interested in a more robust offering than the Video Chat Widget, embed your Video Chat Room on any website, blog or social network. Engage your audience, make your site more sticky and earn money each time a member you referred subscribes through our revenue share program.

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