What is SEO?

December 25th, 2009

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization, the process of increasing the amount of visitors to a Web site by ranking high in the search results of a search engine. The higher a Web site ranks in the results of a search, the greater the chance that that site will be visited by a user. It is common practice for Internet users to not click through pages and pages of search results, so where a site ranks in a search is essential for directing more traffic toward the site.

SEO helps to ensure that a site is accessible to a search engine and improves the chances that the site will be found by the search engine.

Search engine optimization (SEO) as a subset of search engine marketing seeks to improve the number and quality of visitors to a web site from “natural” (“organic” or “algorithmic”) search results. The quality of visitor traffic can be measured by how often a visitor using a specific keyword leads to a desired conversion action, such as making a purchase or requesting further information. In effect, SEO is marketing by appealing first to machine algorithms to increase search engine relevance and secondly to human visitors. The term SEO can also refer to “search engine optimizers”, an industry of consultants who carry out optimization projects on behalf of clients.

Search engine optimization is available as a stand-alone service or as a part of a larger marketing campaign. Because SEO often requires making changes to the source code of a site, it is often most effective when incorporated into the initial development and design of a site, leading to the use of the term “Search Engine Friendly” to describe designs, menus, Content management systems and shopping carts that can be optimized easily and effectively.

A range of strategies and techniques are employed in SEO, including changes to a site’s code (referred to as “on page factors”) and getting links from other sites (referred to as “off page factors”). These techniques include two broad categories: techniques that search engines recommend as part of good design, and those techniques that search engines do not approve of and attempt to minimize the effect of, referred to as spamdexing. Some industry commentators classify these methods, and the practitioners who utilize them, as either “white hat SEO”, or “black hat SEO”.Other SEOs reject the black and white hat dichotomy as an over-simplification.

Six Foods That Could Make You Live Longer

December 22nd, 2009

Everyone knows that a balanced diet full of fresh vegetables and fruits, complex carbohydrates, low-fat proteins, and low-fat dairy foods will ensure a healthy, long life. But did you know there are several foods that have proven to provide many health benefits including longevity in life?


Most foods that help to improve life expectancy are high in antioxidants. Antioxidants fight against free radicals (harmful elements in the environment form the sun, wind, and pollution) that destroy cells and essentially wear down the body. Think of antioxidants as internal filters that protect cells from breaking down.

Green leafy vegetables such as spinach are high in vitamins A and C, which are both considered antioxidants. Raw, uncooked vegetables will always give you more nutritional bang, but steamed broccoli is still a powerful food. Find a way to incorporate spinach into your salads, sandwiches, and side dishes regularly.

Flax seeds

Flax seeds contain the essential fatty acid, Omega 3, which is a critical component to cellular health. Additionally, Omega 3 reduces risk of stroke, heart disease, certain cancers, arthritis, and some brain illnesses. Fish and eggs are high in Omega 3, but flax seed oil has up to six times more Omega 3 than other sources. Flax seeds can be added to a home made trail mix or flax seed oil can be purchased for a tasty salad dressing.


Almonds and walnuts are particularly good for your health because they are packed full of omega 3, antioxidants, folic acid, selenium, and copper. Nuts are an excellent source of protein and healthy fat too. Studies show that nuts work to maintain cardiovascular health and help control weight. Toss a few nuts on your salad or take a handful as an afternoon snack, and you can’t go wrong.


A blueberry is often coined a superfood, or a food that has health benefits beyond just nutritional value. Blueberries contain many antioxidants and are low on the glycemic index (less sugar). A small serving of blueberries contains high levels of vitamins C and K, B3, manganese, and fiber. Other superfoods include the acai berry, broccoli, and oats.

Green Tea

Studies show that green tea not only acts as a powerful antioxidant, but also increases metabolism. With a single cup of green tea every day, you will work to keep your waist line in check. By controlling weight, the risks of heart disease and diabetes are decreased. Other benefits of green tea include cholesterol control and cancer prevention.

Kidney Beans

High in protein, kidney beans help to detoxify your body of sulfites and also provide a healthy source of fiber. Fiber leaves you feeling full, which will help control weight, and helps maintain digestive and overall health. Other low-fat, high-protein beans include black beans, pinto beans, and navy beans.

Bonus Treats

Other excellent foods that are proven to provide health benefits include dark chocolate, red wine, and coffee. While all of these foods should be eaten or drank in moderation, they serve as good food options when it is time to indulge.

Can Organic Green Tea Detox Your Body?

December 22nd, 2009

Organic Green Tea is known for its abilities to prevent weight gain, burn fat, improve brain activities, lower cholesterol and also fights bad breadth. Since long time, teas are popular across China, India and Thailand. In the Chinese and India system of traditional medicine, green tea is taken as an energy drink. It is also prescribed for the improvement of cardiac function.

Organic Green Tea is known for therapeutic reasons as well. Organic green tea detoxifies the body and thus cleansing out the impurities in the body system. Because of the presence of polyphenols, a naturally occurring antioxidant, in organic green tea is said to combat harmful free radicals and helps to keep the body free from diseases.

Organic Green Tea boosts metabolism and helps greatly in weight loss program. Toxins in the body reduce the metabolism rate and hinder the process of weight loss. These toxins attach themselves to the fat cells present in the body. Organic green tea reduces the adverse affects of the toxins that released in the body.

Organic Green Tea also helps to reduce LDL cholesterol present in the body. LDL cholesterol is the worst kind of cholesterol which is responsible for heart ailments. In heart attack cases, drinking green tea helps in recovering from the ailment, quicker. Organic green tea reduces the damage caused by LDL. It gives energy and sense of well being to the body. It is a thirst quencher and helps in digestion by washing out all the oily and greasy food that is eaten.

According to a study by the University of Arizona shows that our body produces free radicals, unstable oxidants and molecules that damage cell proteins and genetic material, making the human body vulnerable to cancer. Antioxidants (Catechins) deter free radical, the damage that can lead to blood clot formation, atherosclerosis and cancer.

Drinking two or three cups of organic green tea per day for the recommended amount of polyphenols or you can take 100-750 mg of organic green extract to detoxify your body.

The University of Arizona studied 42 healthy volunteers who had daily doses of “green tea polyphenol intervention” for four weeks. And in the result it showed an increased level of GST in blood, providing beneficial detoxifying enzymes to the subjects.

On the other hand Egyptian researchers presented evidence at the society for General Microbiology that green tea increases the effectiveness of antibiotics up to three times. It can also help the antibiotics fight the drug-resistant bacteria.

Organic green tea is a healthier alternative to other so called health drinks and you can benefit a lot from the green tea detox.

How Online English Courses Benefit All Learning Needs

December 22nd, 2009

The benefits of online English courses reach far and wide. With the difficulty of the language posing numerous stumbling blocks even for those with the native English tongue, strong instruction that works is essential. Whether you are taking English as a second language or you need to increase your communication skills to be a better professional, online courses offer you a great freedom as well as a good opportunity. Kids needing additional English lessons can find that these are the classes that get them over the hump.

Online courses give you the freedom to structure your classes around your day. Some of us keep some pretty wild schedules. There are few classes that allow you morning study one day, afternoon the next, and then evening on the third day. Structuring your classes into your schedule helps you ensure that you will attend your classes online.

Of course, taking English classes online also gives you different modes of learning that aren’t as readily available in other class formats. You can find different ways to study, including games, audio and visual stimulation, and sometimes even an online tutor. The host of various tools for learning and completing assignments gives you a chance to push through and accelerate in a manner that is comfortable for you.

English as a second language can be terribly frustrating. Most of the languages around the world consider English to be backward when it comes to the structure of sentences. The way the language places adverbs and adjectives can be opposite when compared to most other languages. This often presents a challenge for those who are trying to master the English language.

Of course, there are plenty of students that are struggling through their school work as they attempt to find the proper way to write and speak their native tongue. In a world full of slang, acronyms, and now with l33t speak (pronounced leet) on the rise it’s no wonder that many individuals end their sentences with prepositions and don’t understand where a possessive apostrophe belongs. There are many rules of the language, as well as exceptions to those rules, that are not practiced in daily communications among younger generations.

Those of us who are 35 and under have grown up in a world where English was considered the most valuable language to learn and yet our households and friends reflected a totally different language. This can cause issues when it comes to completing high school English classes and can reflect on SAT scores.

When you find a need for English classes one of the best places to look is naturally online. You will need to select a course that is appropriate for your needs. If you’re trying to help a struggling student you may want a different course than someone trying to learn conversational English.

Make sure the online English courses come with some sort of support. Many of the programs offer help through chat as well as over the phone. If you are having trouble, it’s highly beneficial to have someone to help work out the problem.

Heart Failure And Prevention

December 22nd, 2009

Heart failure can be deadly when complicated by such heart irritants as obesity, arterial plaque, overworked hearts, stress, lack of exercise, smoking, and old age. In cases in which there is a family history of heart failure, one’s heart will have thinner muscle walls than is normal; it is usually complicated by one of the irritants listed above. Plaque lines the walls of the arteries that supply the heart with blood, resulting in a lack of blood getting to the heart. The heart then has to go in to overdrive in order to get blood through its thinner systemic arteries.

Some specific disorders categorized under heart failure include:

• dropsy

• left-side (systolic) heart failure – lower amounts of blood are pumped out of the heart. People who have left-side failure inevitably will have right-side failure.

• right-side (diastolic) heart failure – this affects the heart’s capacity to fill with blood and pump blood to the lungs. Some symptoms of RSHF include shortness of breath, fatigue, and fluid build-up in the feet, legs, liver, abdomen, and sometimes in the veins of the neck.

Diseases that can cause heart failure include:

• Coronary heart disease (CAD): plaque that builds up in blood vessels as a result of damage caused by eating high-fat and high-salt foods, thus compromising blood flow and oxygen transport – this can eventually lead to a heart attack.

• High blood pressure: when the force of blood against the artery walls stays at or above 140/90 mmHG over time, this stresses the blood vessels and the heart which causes damage

• Diabetes: when the body is unable to make insulin, a hormone that converts the sugars in food to energy, higher amounts of sugar in the blood can cause more damage to blood vessels.

• Heart muscle or valve disease /arrhythmias (irregular heartbeats): defect of the heart itself arising from birth defect, infection, or damage from heart disease.

• Congenital heart defects: these present at birth

• Cancer and associated treatment

• Thyroid disorders

• Alcohol abuse


Prevention of Heart Failure

It is important that senior citizens stay proactive about their health and preventing heart failure. Seniors should work with those assisting with their eldercare and other health care professionals use the steps that you can take in advance to prevent heart failure:

For people with healthy hearts:

• Follow a healthy eating plan

• Do not smoke or avoid second-hand smoke

• Maintain a healthy weight for you

• Participate in healthy amounts of physical activity

• Do not use or abuse illicit drugs

When the symptoms of heart failure are severe, patients are advised to rest in bed. When the symptoms are only mild or moderate, then they are recommended to engage in light physical activity. Losing weight is also advisable for obese sufferers of heart failure. Excessive salt intake has been found to exacerbate heart failure; thus, salt free diets are often prescribed to patients suffering from this condition. Individuals afflicted with heart failure tend to have a diminished ability to excrete free water.

How to Enhance Your Disease Fighting Mechanism

December 22nd, 2009

When do you turn fragile and weak? When your body has poor immune system and is unable to fight against the disease causing bacteria. The foreign body which enters your system has overpowered your immune system. With this, your body loses the capacity to fight and thus welcomes all kinds of bacteria which affect your health. You become susceptible to cold, allergies, fever and other kinds of diseases.

What can you do about it? Boost up your immune system?

You must learn how to naturally enhance your immune system in order to enjoy the benefits of it. It is a protective mechanism that acts as a shield against all kinds of foreign bodies and bacteria. You will soon become resistant to flu, fever, cold and other forms of allergies. No more fear going to public places, you will not be susceptible to any diseases that easily.

Gooseberry: Eat gooseberry every day to build up your defense mechanism. It acts as a protective shield against all kinds of diseases. It is also rich in Vitamin C essential for your body. Vitamin C is also found in abundance in other citrus fruit.

Mushroom: Vegetable such as mushroom has beta glucan that stimulates the immune system. It is also helpful to kill cancerous cells, due to the presence of a protein known as Lectin.

Garlic: Some of the spices may be pungent but they have a host of health benefits. Garlic is one such spice used commonly in your kitchen. If it is eaten raw it helps fight BP and also common cold allergies and clears your nasal passage. It also reduces the symptom of heart disease and cancer too.

Holy basil leaves: Juice extract of 4-5 basil or holy leaves along with honey will boost your disease fighting mechanism. Nothing can work better than holy basil leaves. If you don’t have this plant, you must sow their seeds and reap host of benefits.

Goldenseal root: This is a natural herb which helps boost your resistance to diseases.

With all these you can remain healthy and prevent infections as long as you have them. The immune system attacks organisms and substances that invade your systems and cause disease. The immune system is made up of a network of cells, tissues, and organs that work together to protect the body. This is why it is essential to enhance them naturally! Eat right and promote good health naturally!

What is an investment?

December 21st, 2009

Some people like to give up immediate possession of savings expect to receive in the future a greater amount than they gave up.  What they do with the savings to make them increase over time is investment.

Specially, an investment is the current commitment of dollars for a period of time in order to derive future payments that will compensate the invester for (1) the time the funds are committed,(2) the expected rate of inflaiton,and (3) the uncertainty of the future payments. The “investor” can be an individual, a government, a pension fund, or a corporation. This definition includes all types of investment, including investment by corporations in plant and equipment and investments by individuals in stocks, bonds, commodities, or real estate. In all cases, the investor is trading a known dollar amount today for some expected future stream of payments that will be greater than the current outlay.

A central question is how investors select investments that will give them their required rates of return, that is, how to choose among alternative investment assets. This selection process requires that you must understand how to measure the rate of return and the risk involved in an investment accurately.

Measures of Historical Rates of Return

The period during which you own an investment is called its holding period, and the return for that period is the holding period return (HPR). It is caculated as follows:

HPR = Ending value of investment / Beginning value of investment

This value will always be zero or greater. A value greater than 1.0 reflects an increase in your wealth. A value less than 1.0 means that you suffered an decline in wealth. A HPR of zero indicates that you lost all you money.

Investors generally evaluate returns in percentage terms on an annual basis. The percentage return is referred to as the holding period yield (HPY). The HPY is equal to the HPR minus 1.

HPY = HPR – 1

To derive an annual HPY, you compute an annual HPR and subtract 1. Annual HPR is found by:
Annual HPR = HPR exponent(1/n)
n = number of years the investment is held

Note that we made some implicit assumptions when converting the HPY to an annual basis. This annualized holding period yield computation assumes a constant annual yield for each year.

How To Clean Carpet Stains

December 20th, 2009

Spills happen! Messes just seem to make their way to your family room floor, or even worse to the brand new carpeting you installed in your dining room.

When stains happen, we all get worried and a bit upset. After all, it does cost quite a bit to have our carpets professionally cleaned. To top it off, it is also a large investment and directly effects the cost of the home. The goal is to find the right method for cleaning carpet stains to keep the stains from ruining your investment.

Your Tools
You do need to keep on hand several things that will help you throughout your cleaning projects. If you place these items under your kitchen sink, all together, you can easily grab them and go to handle the carpet stain as soon as it happens.

One of the most important things to remember about cleaning any type of stain from your carpet is that time is the enemy. The longer a stain sits, the more permanent it will be.

•Clean, white terry cloths
•White paper towels
•An absorbent sponge
•Hydrogen peroxide
•Mild dish detergent
•Isopropyl alcohol
•A dull knife

You may also want to bookmark our site so that you can quickly access it to come back to find out how to treat specific types of stains that you will come in contact with over the course of owning your home.

What To Do When The Stain Happens
The way that you react when something hits the floor is what is going to make the most difference in the outcome of the stain removal. Here are some steps to follow for all stain removal from carpets.

1.For most food stains, cover the area with table salt. This will prevent the stain from setting while you get your things together.

2.Remove any type of debris from the stain. Do not leave it there or rub it in further.

3.Use terry cloth or white paper towels to blot up any and all of the liquid that is on the carpeting. Blotting is not rubbing, but applying a small amount of pressure to the area to cause the stain to absorb into the cloth.

4.If this does not remove all of the carpet stain, then you will want to move on to the most appropriate form of cleaning which you will find below.

5.After the stain is cleaned properly, place a thick stack of white paper towels on the wet area and apply something heavy such as a brick to the area and allow it to sit overnight. This will dry the carpet by further removing the stain.

How Do You Polish Marble Countertops?

December 20th, 2009

Tips On Cleaning And Polishing Your Marble Floors

Marble is one of the most beautiful materials you can ever have incorporated into your home decor – with proper care and maintenance, it will maintain its pristine condition throughout the life of the home. It will always add value both in visual appeal and in financial worth.

Marble is rock that is actually formed by sea shell deposits billions of years ago. In the areas or regions where marble is now mined, the miners also find fossils of sea creatures along with chunks of limestone which is also a by-product of sea shells. More evidence that the oceans once covered the earth? I think so!

In early civilization, marble was sought after for it’s durability and beauty, plus the added bonus that it was more amenable to carve into shapes for bricks and statues!

How To Clean Marble

Because marble basically is made of sea shells (calcium carbonate) cleaning compounds that contain acid will destroy it. The acid will find its way under the highly buffed polish or finish, get into the cracks the porous rock, and you’ll eventually wind up with a big pile of white sand. A common household cleaning agent that contains acid is …. Vinegar! NEVER CLEAN MARBLE WITH VINEGAR!

A good way to perk up a marble counter or coffee table is to start by washing it with a clean soft cloth dipped in a special solution. Use 3 tablespoons of baking soda to 1 quart of warm water. Dip the cloth into the solution, wet thoroughly, then wring out and wipe all over the marble. You may use a little elbow grease on stubborn spots but do not use an abrasive cleaner (such as Comet, or a scrubber). Allow it to air dry for at least a couple of hours, then wipe with clear water to rinse. Grab a clean soft absorbent cloth and dry it off.

To give marble a quick shine, try crushing a child’s stick of common white chalk into a fine powder. Dampen a clean white wash rag and dip it into the chalk powder. Rub it on the marble with smooth, overlapping back and forth strokes. Allow to dry for a moment, then rinse with fresh water on a damp rag, and dry thoroughly.

Taking Care Of Polished Marble Floors

As with most highly polished stones (excluding diamond), marble will scratch. You don’t want that to happen so take a few precautions with your other furniture and – the other residents of your home.

Keep furniture from scratching the marble surface by placing them on rugs or carpets. If that’s not feasible, be sure to use pads or furniture protectors under the feet of the tables, chairs, or china cabinets. These products are available in various sizes and dimensions at most hardware stores. It’s also possible to cut felt pads and glue that onto the bottom of the furniture. That way, if you need to move a heavy chair, it will not scratch the surface of the marble, and you’ll be able to easily push it to its new position.

Use dust mops – not brooms – to sweep up surface dirt or dust from marble. Spay with dust mops with anti-static spray so they will more easily attract and hold the dust particles.

When the marble needs a “mopping”, use a clean, new sponge mop dipped in fresh clean water. Squeeze out as much water as possible and lightly damp mop the whole surface of the marble floor. You’ll need to dip your mop frequently into the clean water and rinse out the dirt. Don’t use this sponge mop for any other floors, except the marble floors.

Don’t leave water on the surface of the marble when you are through damp mopping. Use either clean terrycloth towels or soft paper towels to wipe up the moisture from the whole surface of the floor. After the floor is completely dry, you may buff it with dry paper towels to restore the shine.

What are the Resume Writing Tips?

December 20th, 2009

While your resume is essentially a marketing tool, it shouldn’t read like marketing.  Avoid over-use of industry jargon.  Be factual, concise and state compelling results.  You don’t need to go into detail about every accomplishment in your resume but companies are looking for more than just training and education today… they are looking for a proven track record. 

Remember: the interview is the place to elaborate on your accomplishments and evaluate work-style cultural cues.  Not the resume..

1.) Use Bulleted Sentences
Use bullets with short sentences to structure the body of your resume. The main selling points of your resume should be clear and quick to scan.  Again, don’t worry about the specifics; you will go into the details during the interview. 

2.) Use Action Words
Use action words like prepared, managed, developed, championed, monitored, and presented will cause your resume to stand out.  Avoid using the same verb over an over.  If your resume is scanned electronically, the computer will pick up on the words. Some companies now scan in your resume and have computers pull those that meet certain criteria. The computers are looking for one thing – the keywords that have been picked by the hiring manager. These are action keywords that relate to the position so not including them or using shortened acronyms could mean your resume is disregarded as a “non-match”.

3.) Use %’s, $’s and #’s
You should always use %’s, $’s and #’s. Dollar totals, numbers, and percentages stand out in the body of a resume.  
4.) Highlight your strengths
Highlight your strengths, and what is most relevant to the potential employer. In-coming resumes are typically reviewed in 10-30 seconds, so put forth the effort and determine which bullets most strongly support your job search objective. Put the strongest and most relevant points first where they are more apt to be read. This is your hook for the reader and the rest of your resume reels them in.
5.) Match the need they have
Match the need they have – Review job postings online and in the newspapers for positions that interest you. Each position will usually have a brief blurb about the company and the position available.  Use the keywords listed in these ads, and match them to the bullet points in your resume. Chances are that you have some of these as key points already, however if you have missed any, add them to your resume. Using a custom resume instead of a generic one will greatly increase your chances of an interview, as you will be a better match in the eyes of the reader.

6.) Be positive
Above all in your resume and interview – you must be positive. Leave out negatives and irrelevant points. If you feel your graduation date will subject you to age discrimination, leave it out of your resume. If you do some duties in your current job that don’t support your job search objective, don’t include them. Focus on the duties that do support your objective, and leave off irrelevant personal information like your race, weight, and height.

7.) White space is important
White space is important. Open up the newspaper, and take note of which ads first catch your attention. This is done to grab your attention, as readers are always attracted to open areas. So don’t worry if you are having a hard time filling the page with text; consider increasing leading or kerning to align text to fit the page layout..

8.) Formatting Guidelines
How long should my resume be? What size font should I use? – The font size should be no smaller than 10 point, standard serif or sans serif fonts.  Don’t use intricate fonts that are hard to read.  Keeping your fonts standard will help combat conversion issues from PC to MAC and from one program version to another.  The length of your resume should be 1-2 pages. Yes, you read correctly; you can use more than one page. But remember, keep it concise. It’s ok to use two pages for your resume, however it is not necessary.

9.) Start Applying
OK, you’re ready!  Apply for jobs that appear to be above your qualifications, apply to positions that are a match, and apply to positions which may be below your level. Why? Perhaps the position below will turn out to be more than it appeared once you interview for them.  Or perhaps once you have your foot in the door you can learn of other opportunities. If nothing else, interviewing more and more will increase your interviewing skills. Like anything else, repetition will decrease your nervousness, and increase your skills at attacking tough questions.